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we'll see you then, everybody. good night.
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(male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts at eight. it's that time of year
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again. as many as one million people are expected to welcome in the year of the snake at tomorrow's chinese new year's parade. organizers give kron four an inside look at what to expect. >> more silly serpents than you can shake a stick at. >> pam: the dragons. the floats and we will show you this year's new parade route. been a 300 lbs. of glitter, and 2 million lbs. of paper. one of one the creaters these are the creaters baby pictures.. it started off as a joke but i guess that they left them on their. [laughter] with 1 million people expected to attend. it is
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estimated that 40 million will watch it on television and china. here is one of the many reasons. >> we build these things for rain, shine, torrential rain. we are ready to go. >> reporter: a lot of those workers will be out tomorrow with long line of outthrustfloats on. 54 certainly,pier 54 it goes until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. right now. last minute preparations are underway for tomorrow's parade. the chinese new year parade will shut down several busy city streets in san francisco tomorrow night.
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grant lodes is here to tell us exactly when and where >> 5:15-8:00 p.m. before going on to geary and east on powell street then carney ending onajackson st ending on the n juedda line .. check with the website. for the latest closures and expansion of public transportation lines. >> pam: new tonight at 8 police are warning elderly chinese women. to be careful of scam artists this weekend. dozens of women in the
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chinese community have and stay with kron 4. from the chinese new year send us your photos of the parade. on twitter or facebook. and we will put them on our facebook fan page. >> a man was wrongfully convicted in a violent assault and shooting in oakland. and given a life sentence. but tonight. ronald ross is a free man for the first time in nearly seven years. ross took his first steps of freedom just after four this afternoon. after his conviction was dismissed. and. new tonight at 8. kron 4's dan kerman was there to capture his first reaction to being a free man.
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>> reporter: tonight, ronald ross' family tells kron4. they never had a doubt about his innocence. his mother always maintained her son could not have committed that crime. >> "i know my child didn't do this because i know where he was at, he was on my couch drinking beer and wine." >> reporter: ultimately, both the district attorney and the defense agreed ross did not commit the crime elliot peters led the defense team, in getting the conviction overturned. about 50 people gathered at lytton plaza in downtown palo alto tonight. for a
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candle light vigil against gun violence. the group is calling for more gun control in california and the nation. members of both the palo alto and menlo park city councils were on hand to speak about upcoming legislation in each city regarding gun control. those in attendance were saying more needs to be done to reduce access to dangerous weapons we need tighter gun control laws in america. the event was part of a national day of action. designed to put more pressure on lawmakers to end gun violence.
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new tonight at 8. a study. just released by the u-s geological survey. predicts that in the coming decades, an alarming number of people could be killed in earthquakes. kron 4's charles clifford explains. >> reporter: this new study, put together by a pair of usgs scientists, makes some very sobering predictions first, they estimate that there could be as many as 21 catastrophic earthquakes this century. they define a catastrophic earthquake as being an event where more than 50,000 people are killed. there have already been four such quakes since the year 2000, including the 2004
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sumatra quake and the 2010 earthquake in haiti. new that world wide as many 3.5 by the during this millennium. now, this isn't because there will be more that the planet's population continues to grow and that are living near earthquake zones. here's how they came to this conclusion. the study analyzed catastrophic earthquakes going back to 1500 a.d and then compared those events to world population estimates at the time. what they found is that as the population grows, so does the number of catastrophic earthquakes. by the end of this century, the united nations predicts that there could be more than 10 billion people on the planet and that would equal about 21 catastrophic quakes. finally, the studies authors are quick to point out that this isn't a prophesy. their goal is to actually save lives. they believe their findings can be used to educate the public about the dangers of earthquakes and to make buildings near earthquake zones seismically safer. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: 60s in napa,
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and the inland valleys. breezy and chilly. we're already seeing changes the satellite and writer with right on time. the satellite and-- radar... it is starting to dissipate. with the chance of a we were at the showers wayward in activity with showers possible in the north bay. the chance of rainfall returning on wednesday. >> pam: ahead at eight. a mercedes walnut creek. but no cars are touched. the personal customer information taken. >> plus: an off duty san jose police officer stops a robbery on bart. and: two big names coming to candlestick park.
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all the details. next. well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet.
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rethink possible. >> new tonight at 8-- a former actor and teacher in contra costa and san mateo counties, is being charged with child molestation and other sexual abuse crimes. this man. 27-year old jason pedroza. turned himself into authorities today. authorities say, some of his alleged crimes may have happened in walnut creek. where he worked at a ballet school. >> new tonight at 8-- a former san mateo county probation chief. pleaded not guilty today to child pornography charges. stuart forrest. who you see here. is accused of having child porn y in his possession. forrest retired from this job in december, after allegations surfaced that he had child pornography. he posted bail today. and will be back in court in april. >> a san jose woman. who
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once tried to extort money from a wendy's restaurant by placing a human finger in a bowl of chili. is in trouble again. anna ayala is now facing new charges. accused of lying to police. police say anna ayala lied about how her son, guadalupe reyes, was shot in the foot outside their alviso home earlier this month. they say ayala concoced an elaborate story about two assailants in order to protect her son-- a convicted felon-- who admitted to shooting himself. if convicted, ayala could go back to prison for four years. >> a break in at walnut creek mercedes benz dealership has left customers vulnerable to identity theft. walnut creek police say at least one thief broke into the dealership earlier this month. but they didn't steal cars. a locked file cabinet was broken into-- and files containing customers personal information like social security, credit card, and drivers license numbers-- were all gone. it's reported that more than two-thousand customers could be affected. the dealship is now
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offering to pay for one year of credit monitoring service to those customers whose records were stolen. >> an attempted strong-arm robbery on bart. foiled. it's all because an off-duty san jose police officer. who was in the right place at the right time and decided to take action. it happened onboard a train at the fruitvale stop in oakland. a scuffle broke out. and someone was calling for help. that's when sergeant fred kotto. a former olympic- level boxer. tackled the would- be robber and saved the day. today, sergeant kotto spoke about the arrest outside san jose police headquarters. it >> i heard a woman scream that he has my purse, he has vipers. so i showed my gun, and my badge and and i grabbed it and put them in a
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control hold. they were still fighting to get away. and finally i maintained calm and after wards the train got up and cheered for us.. >> pam: sergeant kotto and his fiance' were on their way to san francisco to get a marriage license, when all this happened. after bart police arrived to take the suspect into custody, the couple continued on their way. and if that name sounds familiar, you may be interested to know that sergeant kotto is the son of the actor yaphet kotto. >> jay z and justin timberlake fans listen up. the two entertainers are teaming up and will be performing at candlestick park this july. kron 4's the venue. >> the beatles have their last concert here and now,
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justin timberlake and jay z... this kitchen seat of 2 40,000 people. there is no question. and also they both have their amazing fan base and this is expected to promote and help the san francisco parks and recreation. >> candlestick is large there is not that many that can accommodate that type of show. so, i think that is a nice legacy of the beatles. to have them playing such a large show. >> it means a lot for their department bottom line.
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promote services from the parks and recreation department. and it will create economic activity for the city. this is a great way to get out and play. >> reporter: tickets are available on february 28. alecia reed, kron 4. >> jacqueline: a live look outside with changes some clouds, locally. it is indicating that the camera is showing those clouds are picking up. the changes tomorrow. perhaps just isolated chances. and degreasing clouds. the
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rebound on the low 60s for the later this week and the shark is approaching but it is dissipating. heavy to the north, a earlier but it is a bit more hit and miss and to take a look at futurecast. we're not seeing much on futurecast. it is near the delta bought towards the north bay. that cloud coverage by 2:00 p.m., tomorrow with flurries over the sierras. clouds will be decreasing. as we go for the afternoon and evening clear skies. temperatures of the door tomorrow, definitely warm still 30's on the board in the north bay feet. temperatures of be a lot
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cooler with the upper 50s. we will still see some 60s of their. temperatures will be in the upper 40's. a look at your extended forecast. cooler, warmer with the chance of rainfall continuing on wednesday. we will keep you posted as it gets closer. >> coming up email time with alicia and a milwaukee tailgate... >> he is back >> i was sure that he would come back.
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. haazig madyunnat's there he is that's good enough well he goes better this way wanna turn him . that s two hundred and 50 pound hippopotamus >> tomus is back and if don't remember tomus, let's take a brief refresher course. you see tomus was a victim of metal thieves the bronze hippo was stolen back in 2009 from the richmond district in san francisco and was believed to be lost for good. by everyone except >> i was sure he'd come back i didn't know if would be able to get him back together >> the owner of tomus dannette peltier however, through a series bazarre events which included a homeless man, a probation check and some good old fashion police work tomus was found
8:26 pm
well sorta, >> they cut him into 18 pieces >> kind of like that old childs story except there were no metal thieves involved but unlike humpty dumpty, some specialsist got involved and as you can see through this time lapse video tomus was put back together again! >> it's not too many times you get to put a hippo back together >> so now the neighbors are coming from all around to see tomus again >> i feel great it makes part of my day >> it's so nice to have it back he looks perfect you had to put him all back >> together yes 18 pieces , >> those creeps and lets be honest it's not to many times that a people behaving badly segment has a happy ending >> he's back and here for the sitting if you are seven or under oh i almost forgot danettes want to put tomus in her back yard for safe keeping. but is also cosidering donating it to the sf zoo so to the people at sf zoo tomus is calling you >> i have a renewed faith in humanity
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>> in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com.
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[ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love. still ahead on kron 4-- >> the f-d-a approves a local companys treatment for patients with late-stage breast cancer. >> plus: an alarming number of car breakins in popular tourist areas. the warning from the national park service. next. >> jacqueline: this live
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look outside. the chance of rainfall, we will time it out.
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. the countdown is on to tomorrow nights chinese new year celebration and parade in san francisco. the parade goes from 5 to about 8. it begins here at market and second streets. and ends at jackson street. there will be extra muni service the subway will stay open late - until about 1-am. plus: this data as well as wrongfully accused is now walking free. and the national park service now warning visitors to
8:33 pm
beware. thieves are preying on visitors as they head out to some of the bay area's most scenic vista points. kron4's terisa estacio shows us one hot spot for criminals. >> reporter: this is one of the parking lots thieves have been targeting. take a look at all of the glass on the ground, evidence of the break ins in this parking lot referred to as battery spencer in the marin headlands. for some the breakins are suprising. >> when you come to places like this do normally locked everything up? >> i would not normally put those items in the trunk. >> i have said that there has been a lot of break into this change your mode or opinion? >> yes,but not everyone
8:34 pm
feels the same way. sot/tc: i saw glass last weekend. i take precautions. sot/tc: i always take precautions. i grab wallet teresa estacio, kron 4. the f-d-a approved a new personalized medicine. for people with an aggressive form of breast cancer. the new drug- called -- kadcyla is created by south san francisco based company -- genentech. genentech says, kad-sigh-luh is a new kind of targeted cancer medicine, that can attach to certain types of cancer cells. and deliver chemotherapy directly to those cells. it will be available to people in the united states. within the next two weeks. >> tonight, the midwest is still feeling the pain of a severe and deadly winter storm. this is video from gladstone, missouri. where a snowstorm left this building. a dance studio. in need of a new roof. fortunately, no one was inside when the roof caved in. the building has now been condemned.
8:35 pm
and in wichita, kansas. huge chunks of snow began falling off this building today. the people who work inside say the noise and rumbling made them think it was an earthquake. they ran see these boulder-sized pieces of snow falling from the rooftop. >> jacqueline: some rainfall to the north of us it does not look like it is going to impact us. quickly, it will lease to the bay area and cooler temperatures tomorrow. temperatures are going to be a bit more mild. 50s what cloud coverage. we will see warmer conditions for the overnight hours. from the 40's to the 30's. big changes that cooler air.
8:36 pm
it will not be quite as dramatic with a nice rebound on sunday and a chance for rain on wednesday. but i do not think we're going to see quite as much full look, coming up. a nightmare scenario. >> pam: just days left for the government to avoid major automatic spending cuts.that story,.next. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show
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then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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>> now for today's market update. stocks bounce back after a two-day slide. here are a look at today's closing numbers on wall street. the dow rose 120 points to close at 14-thousand-and- one. the nasdaq rose 30 points to three-thousand-161. and although the s-and-p 500 posted its firt weekly loss of the year. it still rose 13 points to close at one- thousand-515. >> national park visitors will encounter fewer rangers. find locked restrooms and closed visitor
8:39 pm
centers. those are just a few things visitors will see if the across-the-board cuts are enacted by sequestration. the national park service says it would affect parks from cape cod. to yosemite. most of the national park system's two-point-nine billion dollar budget goes towards fixed costs. such as salaries and utilities. that means that the 112- million dollars in cuts would slash programs at the parks. >> flights to major cities. the transportation safety administration say that it could take up to five hours in a security. and expect more to pay for beef and chicken. with less inspectors, that convened a tighter supply and higher
8:40 pm
prices. health services will be slashed, children's head start programs in schools could also be impacted. and impacting the civilian work force this could be putting 2 million people out of work toward work and just in the state of california >> also, national park visitors and visitor centers). and restrooms closed. impacting from to yosemite.
8:41 pm
school right about now." convicted in an oakland new at six.
8:42 pm
grounding its entire fleet of fighter jets. after runner, south african magistrate desmond nair set bail at 1 million rand.about 112-thousand dollars. nair said prosecutors failed to prove pistorius would be a flight risk.or had a propensity for violence. >> he's allegedly got another property in italy. he's got bank accounts outside the country, but definitely that did not stand. and like we say, we nair told pistorius he cannot return to his home.where reeva steenkamp, was shot to death. he must surrender his passport, report to police bi-weekly.and refrain from consuming alcohol. of course i'm pleased. right now we don't know. in a statement, the runner's >> "although we are obviously relieved that this is still a very sad time for the family of reeva and for us.we are convinced that oscar's version of what happened on that terrible night will prove to be the case has captivated the double amputee's hometown. >> it's funny how yesterday we called him a hero and the following day people just say no, he should just be and so.although pistorius is, for now, a free man. he is not free from the that will follow him in the months leading up to a trial.
8:43 pm
new at eight. francisco back he looks perfect you
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a millionaire is planning a private trip to mars. dennis tito is leading a privetly funded venture to mars called mission for flight. and in 2001 became the first space tourist flying on a according to the head of the already been on the red planet. the group first started working on concepts for manned missions to mars children born on mars would lift off is set for 2018the mission is described as last 501 days. plans for the flight will be fully unveiled next week in still ahead. gary is joined by his lovely wife alicia as they open up the kron four mailbag and answer your emails plus. gary has the answer, and all the sports, next!
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gabe slate tech report and a >> you are going to notice a big change. with the oscars on sunday. the kodak theater is now the dolby theater. since kodak has filed for bankruptcy. hsound system. they have added a
8:47 pm
curved ceiling sculpture and to rebuild the sound system from the ground up. this will help enhance the experience from listening at from home, or your smart phone or tablet. this is the first year that will be broadcast in surround sound. >> you will no longer feel like you are at home on your couch. we want you to feel as if you are right there with us. gabe slate tech report >> jacqueline: changes, right now as we speak with increasing clouds. and shores but only for the north bay. temperatures to be a bit cooler than what we saw today. mild conditions.
8:48 pm
. to rainfall still to the north of us and it is if we see anything, it will be pinpointed to the self but i tell who will see much overnight, some possible snow flurries. still to the north but not to be = = south. and as we look at the 5:00 p.m. on our, we will see the clouds are already decreasing by 5:00 a.m. and clear skies. cloud coverage, overnight and warm temperatures. 40's for the most part. tens cooling from
8:49 pm
what we saw today but several degrees cooler and as for the new year parade? we will see clearer skies and temperatures will be cooler. for the 40's for the most part. as the parade progresses. as we take a look at your extended forecast a nice rebound. monday, some cloud coverage to the north of oz. but we do have the chance for rain on wednesday. . >>gary: good evening, everybody. the sharks,: patrick marlowe. one-
8:50 pm
nothing, san jose. that is it, chicago, sweeping. this three themed series. making history. just one point in their first 17 what is next for alex smith? jim harbaugh? >> this is a process he will continue to be a 49 year. this will continued to most likely develop. with new developments.
8:51 pm
>> gary: they will probably try to let him go. and sunday, is a big deal with danica patrickdanica made history by becoming the first woman to earn the pole position for any nascar race yet starting in the front row is a far cry from actually winning the race. yes, it is feasible to win my statistic is about 17 percent, something someone said i can get ain fact, it's not that big of a deal, or so says former driver and current analyst kyle petty >> kyle petty: it is funny. honestly, we of heard we have heard that a
8:52 pm
monkey could drive a car around this track we want to keep it as nice as possible. match play shot o' the day no snow today at dove mountain outside of tucson for the 2nd round of the match play championship shot of the day comes on the 5th hole scott piercy - oh no he doesn't!!! yes he does!!! he holes out his approach shot for the eagle! brewers arctic tailgate now here are some dedicated fansor maybe just crazy it's an annual tradition for the "arctic tailgate." fans camp out in front of milwaukee's miller park, no matter what the weather, in to purchase individual game tickets for brewers home games. oh, and the first 2,000
8:53 pm
fans an "arctic tailgate" t- are we ready? >> yes. ...
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> i was surprised if there was no action taken against montgomery.
8:56 pm
>> this was a big mistake. this never happened before. so this is his one mistake. this is what he had to say. >> again the one last night. so you know how the saying goes. it will not happen again. >> i am tired of all the danica patrick talk. just treat them the same, weather it is meal race or a female racer. >> it is-weather it is e- mail race-- >> and is something different. >> and absolutely, he would be nice to see her take it all away. and jeff says what
8:57 pm
is your problem spring training? >> i do not want to see anything that is not really for real, such as an exhibition game. i just want to get right to dinner and skip the appetizers. >> and william to the warriors >> just like anything else, when they are the underdog. team is probably getting up a bit the playoff but i
8:58 pm
think that coach is great. would be great if they made the playoffs. >> you are always talking about what broadcasters... i think that i would be friends with the broadcasters to. >> i think that there is only five or six people that you really care about. talk about sharing it is not so that has always worked for me. they enjoy what they do. . >> and i am a tough guy.
8:59 pm
>> him what happened to love? [laughter] [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet offers more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hotspots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway

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